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Immigration refers to movement of people from one nation-state to another, where they are not citizens. This is caused by poor conditions in countries. People do nott like where they live, so they immigrate to another land. I believe immigration is a good thing. It gives people a place to go when they need one. Illegal immigration is a problem that is getting worse. The Mexican government does not provide health care and other benefits like our government. The citizens of Mexico realize this, and they decide to try to enter America which is conveniently attached to Mexico.

Now, if someone wants their roof fixed or re-shingled it can be done within a day. The illegal Mexican immigrants are flooding America. One of the easiest trades to learn is roofing, so that is what illegal Mexicans are doing to earn money. This reminds me of outsourcing, but instead of the business moving to a foreign land, the people are coming to our land to work.

It all boils down to greed. The businesses in America want to make money. They can make more money if they hire illegal immigrants, which they can pay less than minimum wage. The illegal immigrants want more money to support their families and themselves. We all want more. It is human nature.

Estimates based on Census data, national surveys, administrative data and other sources indicate that the current [2/2007] illegal population is between 7 million and 20 million. In 1997 a study by the National Science Foundation found that illegal aliens cost tax-payers an average of $4,867 per alien. Illegal aliens are the largest source of foreign income for Mexico, totaling $12 billion. Illegal aliens are also not x-rayed for tuberculoses, which is highly contagious and the most devastating infection in the world, surpassing even...