The Impact On Ecommerce

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Find out what is the impact of E-commerce? Introduction ..

The enablement of a business vision supported by advanced information technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the trading process.

Buying and selling data, usually over the internet.

E-commerce has been around since the early mid 1990's but now it is difficult to avoid as it springs up all over the internet, on television and in newspapers.

E-commerce is dismissed as buying goods over the internet with a credit card.

It makes business more efficient and even collaborative.

It enables companies to improve the way in which they run their business.

Improve relationships with trading partners.

Expand their business globally or into new markets.

E-commerce is about using data for commercial purposes by transmitting the data electronically between computer systems in a standard format. Communication options have improved.

Software is important at various stages inn an E-commerce system. There are six functions of the software in the actual e-commerce process.

· Data extraction from relevant applications or data entry · Data encoding to agreed the standard format · Data transmission to recipients(s) · Data encoding for internal applications · Data insertion into relevant applications.

Encoded data received from www is decoded by a web browser for the user to read in a good format.

There are two types: Business 2 business & Business 2 consumers.

Business to business is concluding business electronically between businesses rather that with consumers.

It has four areas : 1. EDI, which stands for Electronic data Interchange. EDI is the transfer of structured data, by agreed message standards, from one computer to another by electronic means. It was developed to eradicate the need for re-keying in data to exchange electronic versions of standard forms. Example: purchase order & invoices. It is mostly used to send...