Improving Leaderships, Communication and Motivation System

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Executive SummaryThe purpose of this report is to analyze the internal management and external business relationships of High Country Limited and to present recommendations of solving the existing problems.

The main problems exist mainly in the poor motivation system, the inadequate communication with business partners and, specially, in the deficiency of leaderships. The report offers recommendations such as to construct a sufficient motivation system, to create stable and strong partnerships with agents and to select suitable leaders with personal powers.

1.IntroductionThis report is made for the management of High Country Limited (HCL). The purpose is to solve the business relationship problems by analyzing the main issues and by presenting recommendations.

The most apparent problem in HCL happened in its ineffective leaderships, both of middle and senior stage. This lack of cohesion in leaderships produced the consequent problem: the deficiency of motivation of employees and the business partners. The barrier of good communications in the company was also the key problem.

This report will discuss these problems and make the relevant recommendations for each. It would help the management of HCL to improve its internal and external business relationships, so that the company can have a benignant cycle in its business practice.

This report will focus on the company's leadership issues, the motivation methods and the communication system. Choosing the capable leaders or supervisor, carrying out adequate motivation and constructing touchable communication are essential solutions for these problems respectively.

2. Discussion2.1 The deficiency of leaderships in HCL2.1.1 The lack of reverent power in the middle stage leadershipsWhat happened in this department was that machinists often wanted to resign because of Judith's bad temper. What's more, due to her impatience she was not suitable to train new machinists, which was another job of the department.

Using personal power such as expert...