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India,Older than history itself. More colourful than the shades of nature. Painted in a million hues. Shimmering, radiating, forever changing. Like the view through a kaleidoscope. Each glimpse different from the one before it.

India, An ancient civilization. With an impressive lineage that over the centuries has amassed a tremendous wealth of grandeur and majesty. India a land of varieties, the cradle of culture that is steeped in tradition, an ageless civilization, colorful customs revered for centuries that reflect social and geographical diversity, and a chequered history which lives in music & dance. Visiting India is like a "Dream Coming True".

Sites from every region all illustrate the flowering of those cultural traditions, whether in remarkable temples - from Konark in the east to Palitana in the West, or from Khajuraho in the north to Madurai in the south - or in the development of rich traditions of music and dance or the abstraction of philosophy.

Superimposed on the cities of the north India are some of the finest Muslim-inspired buildings in the world, including Agra's Taj Mahal.

Come and discover yourself - The Destination That Has It All -Explore the modern cities that have grown originally from the roots of a multi - hued past, abandon yourself to culture, art & aesthetics, make a pilgrimage to holy shrines, frolic at a vast stretch of golden beaches washed by two seas and an ocean, sport with adventure in style, let the jungle lure you to a fascinating world at a diverse array of wildlife sanctuaries and national