India, Land of Achievements

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July 8th 450 C.E.

My name is Hong Yan and I am a wealthy traveling merchant that is from Pakistan and will be twenty-two in August. As for my job, it mostly includes traveling to major cities to sell crafts and porcelain. Along my travels I bring with me this journal because my wife, Shen Rong, could not come with me. By making a journal it will help let her know what I experienced and discovered. After a month or so I am going to return to her. Along with my journal I bring with me my stubborn mule, Jericho. Before leaving to go to India and the Gupta Empire I was feeling down because I would be leaving my homeland. I packed up and said goodbye to my wife, then we set off to India. This morning I felt sad.

Later today we arrived in the marvelous city of Bakshali and I was feeling anxious because today is the first of a long journey.

I thought this city was very well protected because it was surrounded by mountains and it was very treacherous getting here. When I first got through the mountains and I saw the city, I thought it was going to be easy to get to it. Wrong, because the land was dry and rocky and I kept losing my footing. I fell many times and have the bruises to prove it. While coming here we noticed a big river and asked around and discovered it was the Indus River. I decided to find out the main trading spot so I went to a government official and told him where I was from and what my purpose was and he showed my around. It seems to me that India has a very good mathematical system. I...