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Individual Assignment


1. Describe four things which your team did well.

* Decision making was based on the team.

* Estimation of Capital Budgeting.

* Increase the company market share.

* Employees hiring, salaries, and commissions.

2. What were the things that enabled you to do each of them well?

* Decision for investments, financing, and operation expenditure for every quarter must be agreed on from all team members. The company manager Mr. Hamed Al Rasibe, had insists on making decision in each functional area of the company as s group. He also credited each functional manger with a 2 vote on his area, and the CEO had the right to solve any conflicts.

* Team members had formed a capital budgeting sheet that could help on estimating the company operating expenses and the required fund for each quarter.

* Production and Marketing mangers with the control of CEO were able to quarterly track our competitors performance, effect of price, areas inventory, and customers demand.

* Marketing manager had calculated the selling capacity of each salesperson. Economic and Financing managers had an agreement with the manager of the company to increase employees salaries based on inflation and to reduce the number of resigned employee at each quarter. Production manager concluded the affect of commission on salesperson's performance, and company gross sales and market share.

3. Describe four things your team did not do well.

* The company has realized by the end of the game the important of expanding production.

* Some money was wasted on investments that did not returned much money to the company.

* Repurchasing stock was not good idea, because the company functional mangers concentrate on the number of outstanding shares rather than increasing the company Net income.

* Increasing the company revenue.