Individualized Approach to instructions versus traditional Approach to teaching.

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Question: Compare and contrast individualized approach to instruction and traditional Approach to teaching.

Some researches state that individualized instruction originated between 1910 and 1920. This system was unpopular and failed perhaps because the task fell on teachers who could not manage plans for twenty to thirty students by themselves. Despite this earlier failure, it was reintroduced during the late 1920's. This time it involved self-directed instruction as well as teacher-led instruction, and therefore unlike the previous period, it was successful.

Individualized instruction has evolved even further. It can be defined as a philosophical approach to instruction based on the concept of fixed content, variable methods, and variable time. It is student centered and it integrates variable methods and variable time based on the assumption that each student will learn at their optimum level by using different strategies or methods and they will learn at different speed for different reasons. Individualized instruction uses a multiple sensory approach to teaching.

It increase students activity and it give students the opportunity to work at their own pace and select their own learning strategies which would suit their cognitive skills and learning styles.

Conversely, traditional instruction is teacher centered. Normally a group of students sit and listen to an instructor lecture about a subject. Based on the subject an instructor may use a chalkboard or other teaching aids sparingly. Because information is taken in mostly by the sense of hearing, if a student misses a key point, he has to ask for a repeated explanation. This will stop the whole class from learning while one student gets his needed facts. If a student is weak in a certain area, there is only a little time available to re-teach that area, even if it is identified early. Because of this, only a few students get...