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The chattering of the crowd in the disco merged with the chaotic beats and bits from the giant speakers surrounding the hall, forming a loud indistinguishable metallic noise. People danced with the relish of every rhythm of the music. They chatted with their friends and they enjoyed every glass of drink.

Raphael who was resolved to beat off his utter despair danced with no particular rhyme but with a frantic hysteria. Sitting back on a couch, he had his tenth bottle of beer and yet he failed to be drunk as he wished. He lit up a cigarette as he was trying to forget today's depressing morning. However this memory kept seeping back to his mind.

"Pack of cigarette in your pocket? Are you kidding me?" questioned Mr. Williamson, Raphael's father, in the morning.


"You're son of a bitch! Do you want to be like your mother? Huh? " snarled Mr.


"You have no right to comment on her! What has she done wrong? She is just trying to pursuer her own way"

"She ran away with another man. She left me and you here. So that was her own way?"

Without saying anything further, Raphael rushed past his father and banged the door with a loud cracking sound. He wandered through the streets mindlessly till evening and just happened to come across the disco he used to go with his friend, James.

In the disco, the music was becoming more like the swearing of Mr. Williamson in Raphael's mind. The people in the dancing hall were like shadows playing in a complete darkness. The small flame of Raphael's cigarette was the only light at his own hidden corner. He saw James, his only friend, in the far corner. Raphael waved at him as he was...