Influences on Australia's Eating Patterns

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Over the years the traditional diet of Australia has changed dramatically. Many influences have caused this change to eating patterns and many of their effects are drastic. This essay will concentrate on the significant influences on Australian eating patterns, and the effect that they have on the health and well-being of Australian's both now and in the future. The influences focused on will be the lifestyle changes of Australians, education, advances in technology and multiculturalism within Australia. Conclusions and recommendations will be made about these influences on

There have been many influence on Australia's eating trends over past years, these influences include, lifestyle changes, education, technology and multiculturalism. The Australian lifestyle has transformed considerably over the last half century. In the 1950's the women were housewives who looked after the children and the house, while their husbands, the breadwinner, provided for the house. Nowadays in most household the family system has changed.

Many households have only one parent who runs and provide for the entire house. In the case of a nuclear family, in most situations both parents will work and look after the home. With children under taking many extra-curricular activities, time saving devices are needed and have been supplied. Convenience foods such as TV dinners are an example of this. Many brands such as McCain's and Continental focus on these convenience foods only. The family member who cooks will take shortcuts in their cookery, for example instead of making a spaghetti sauce from scratch, they might add a jar of pre-made sauce. Traditionally cooking skills were passed on from mother to daughter. These days these skills are taught optionally in schools in subjects such as Food Technology. Australia is a multicultural nation and in turn has adopted many of the foods and...