Inner-city schooling

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Have you noticed about gangs and lower grades in inner-city school areas?

There isn't a problem with the teachers, the teachers are fine, what we need to think about is the parents.

Most parents in inner-city areas do not have an education an do not realize how important educattion is for thier children.That is why thier children slack off and don't work hard because they never get encouragement and help from thier parents, because? I think it is good, what the government is doing, giving parents in inner-city communities the chance to let thier kids go to special programs to help thier kids to learn and better schools to get a better education. The government is also trying to make inner-city parents realize that education is very important and that they should get an education themselves and be involved in thier childs education to give thier children a better chance in life.

I think the government is doing a good thing helping people who are less priviledged than that of other people.

Whe should all have a equal chance to give our children the education and encouragement that they need, don't you think so?