Integrating Business Values: The Legality, Morality, and Social Responsibility of a woman who uses RU 486 to terminate pregnancy

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I. Introductory Section 3

II. Legal Section 14

III. Ethical Section 21

IV. Social Responsibility Section 24

V. Conclusion 29

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The following comments are from the first patient in the United States, Andrea Sachs, who took RU 486 in the clinical trial. This section was taken from the Time Magazine article, Abortion Pill on Trial. Dated December 5, 1994


"I was the first one in Des Moines. Everyone was really excited on Wednesday, when I was given the first dose of medication. I made a joke that we should have a ribbon-cutting ceremony. They kept telling me I was making history."

"I was very nauseous in a couple of hours. I threw up constantly for three days. I went to work. Luckily, there's a restroom in my department. I moved a little slower. Usually I'm very upbeat, but I wasn't for those three days.

It was like food poisoning. I couldn't keep anything down."

"I went in on Friday and took the second dose of medication. After 15 minutes there was a tiny bit of cramping, but less than menstrual cramps. After two hours the cramps got stronger, and I started using a heating pad on my belly. I went to the restroom. When I started to stand up, it was like a faucet turned on. There was a steady stream of blood. I passed a golf-size blood clot that scared me. I thought it was the fetus."

"The cramps stayed steady. In the last 15 minutes of my appointment, I was doubled over. The bleeding was very heavy, heavier than a period. My mom drove me home. By this time, I was bleeding severely, and I had diarrhea. It reminded me of the...