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Intel has emerged as the market leader of central processor in the personal computing industry. Establishing high quality products and a reputation for always meeting their shipping commitments, has been a driving edge. The market share advantage they enjoy is due to the x86 line of products, which have differentiated Intel from other technologies such as reduced instruction set computing processors from other manufactures. Since Intel has introduced there own RISC processors that have been received favorably in the in niche markets like CAD design and graphics rendering. The Introduction of the i386 and i486 established Intel as a major force in the personal computer market and switched Intel from an EPROM manufacture to a PC processor company. Intel established it self as a reliable trust worthy company committed to its customers and the PC market. While research and development of the next generation of central processors was under way other manufactures, like Sun Microsystems developed and introduced RISC based processors or reduced instruction set computing.

Intel has maintained its Vision and Core Ideology. It has had a three Point Strategy wrapped around its vision of maintaining a world class research and development program.

Three Point Corporate Strategy

Increase architectural and technological leadership.

Be our customers' preferred supplier.

Be a world-class manufacturer.

Since the 1990's boom with the RISC processor, Intel is faced with finding new niches in the technology market place. The PC world has become a "lightning fast" industry leaving connectivity and networking as the new bottle neck for IT. Intel is focusing on the WIFI and LAN/WAN side of the IT industry. They have not stopped other R&D, the media/industry is focusing on connectivity. The strategy is pointing at all angles. Laptops and other portable devices undergo new chip developments for increased memory for WIFI...