InterClean's New Performance Management

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The purpose of this document is to develop a performance management program for maximizing overall performance of individuals selected for our cross-functional teams. Responsibility of management at InterClean is to ensure that performance and productivity is monitored to determine which individuals of each team are producing satisfactory and sufficient input.

A reliable performance management process needs to satisfy two objectives. The first objective is that it must be capable of distinguishing effective teammates from ineffective teammates. The second objective is that it must assist managers in building low performers up to where they need to be. As management with InterClean, I am dedicated to helping my subordinates achieve their own career goals. I am presenting my proposal for performance management into four stages of responsibility.

The first stage of my purposed performance management process is performance appraisals. The performance matrix states the written standards and characteristics necessary for successful job performance.

We need a written process for performance appraisals that is fair to ensure that we have employees' trust and commitment. This process needs to be uniform and supervisors will be adequately trained to minimize influences and biases. We will be using 360-degree appraisals by collecting data from a various pool of raters from customers, peers, supervisors and self-evaluations. The process of deliverables must be standardized and proper ratings understood. We have a process for higher-level review and a formal appeals process of the performance appraisals to ensure that we receive the most accurate illustration of the subject. The employee, supervisor, district manager and human resource manager must sign off on this document before an adjustment to the subject's salary is made.

The second stage of this performance management is the facilitation of feedback. Management must give feedback to subordinates by documented performance counseling and corrective guidance. Counseling with one...