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Mexico is located south of the United States and north of Guatemala. Mexico makes up the entire southern border of the United States where they are divided by the Rio Grande River. The east is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, while the west coast borders the Pacific Ocean. Mexico is three times the size of the state of Texas. "According to the official 2000 census, Mexico's population is 97.4 million"( Moreover, Mexico is a nation very distinct from its largest trading partner, the United States of America. For instance, Mexico is still, in many respects, underdeveloped. And it has experienced slow, steadily increasing economic growth. For instance, Mexico now permits foreign investment in telecommunications, natural gas, airports, and other major sectors. Furthermore, Mexico offers the potential investor a valuable overview of Mexico's economic climate, business opportunities, and the legal and tax environment. Indeed, if we want to conduct business in Mexico, we need to analyze the country's potential as a host for international business.

That is, we need to analyze the cultural, political, legal, and economic system of the country. Then, we need to assess the suitability of the country as a Market.


B. Values and Attitudes

Values are important to business because they affect a people's work ethic and desire for material possessions. For instance, in the U.S., workers are more likely to question decisions that might be deemed unethical, whereas in Mexico, employees might accept managerial decrees regardless of the ethical implication of the decision. ( Mexico is a highly masculine culture. That is, business practices that foster more equal treatment of men and women are less likely to exist in a highly masculine culture like Mexico. Thus, equal pay for equal work, sexual harassment policies, equal division of...