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The term international marketing refers to exchanges across the national boundaries for the satisfaction of human needs and wants. International marketing activities intends to facilitate the exchange or transfer of goods between nations. International marketing is the process of focusing the resources and objectives of the company on global marketing opportunities. (Keegan J Warren, Global Marketing Management, Pearson Education Pte Ltd, 2003). Companies mainly go globally for two reasons, Firstly because they want to take advantage of opportunities of growth and expansion and secondly to survive.

There are many firms which have started at the outset as international firms in the sense that their mission is to be involved in international business activities. However there are many other firms which have started as a domestic firm concentrating on their own domestic market before shifting or focusing to cover international market. there are particularly five stages involved in the development of trans national corporation: they are 1) domestic 2) international 3) multinational 4) global 5) trans national.

(Keegan J Warren, Global Marketing Management, Pearson Education Pte Ltd, 2003).

A purely domestic firm focuses mainly on its home market, having no present ambition of expanding abroad and does not perceive any significant competitive threat from abroad. Such a firm eventually gets some orders from abroad which are either ignored or taken as an opportunity for expansion. As the firm begins to export more, it enters the export stage, where little effort is made to market the product abroad, although an increasing number of foreign orders are filled. In the international stage, as certain country market begins to appear especially attractive with more foreign orders originating there, the firms may go into the countries on an adhoc basis i.e each country is entered sequentially, but with relatively little learning and marketing...