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In a digital age such as we live people often wonder the origin of modern electronic convinces. In this paper we will explore the large global network known as the Internet. Questions will be answered such as when was the Internet first started, which is believed by most people to be recently invented, and other topics like why was the Internet invented and what helped it become what it is now.

The first occurrence said to create a need for a large invulnerable network like the Internet was the launch of the Soviet Union Sputnik satellite in 1957. (Laursen p.1) This event had had influenced the U.S. president (Dwight David Eisenhower) to start a new department within the Department of Defense called Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). MIT President James A. Killian was the leading force behind ARPA.

ARPA had made its main project of development of time fledgling computer technology.

This technology would be needed to develop a network like the Internet or any type of Local Area Network (LAN) for that matter.

Soon after another branch of ARPA was formed. The branch was called Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO). This branch was created to expand the use of the computers ARPA founded. The first director appointed was Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider a psychologist. Licklider had a great interest in the 'Man-Computer Symbioss'. (Laursen p. 1) Licklider had an idea of a effective military command and control system. Licklider and ideas turned out to be very productive. (Laursen p. 1)

From these ideas of a command and control center came a need for a network. A network from base to base and town to town. (Sterling p. 1) This network would be made so the military could have contact with each other if there was no other way. It...