The Internet And It's Various Uses

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Pornography is a plague upon this world. It affects everyone in different way, but it affects him or her. Pornography has been made easier to access because of the development of the Internet. It must be controlled. From the free world comes the right of free speech and so, if governments don't start to change their ways and start to control the problem, it will thrive.

This is because these pornography sites have high joining fees and so they can pay other sites to have automatic pop-ups. For example if you were searching for something to do with the "˜history of modern weapons' there is a chance that there will be an explicit pop-up. Because these sites have to pay a domain for their sites to be posted on the net it is a good option for those people to get paid for running their site for just a little pop-up.

Also because of the amount of poverty in places like China, the residents will basically do anything to earn a bit of money to feed their families and themselves. That is the people who can only work in factories and earn a little bit of money, the people who run the porn sites offer more money and then go to places like America and Mexico to post it on the net for all to see. There are also other problems like in America, a fair portion of the population is obsessed with looks and so this is passed on and they want to show off their bodies and become porn stars.

Finally places like America and New Zealand don't have laws restricting the content posted on the net and this is the final step of the whole process. In places like Australia, it has acknowledged that pornography is a problem and there are some laws in place restricting some of the content posted on the net, yet if it is anonymous it is time consuming trying to find the offenders and not many are brought to justice. But as it was said before, anyone anywhere and so could access the Internet if it is uploaded in America people in Australia, regardless of the law can view the content.

So in conclusion unless governments worldwide do something, pornography will thrive. Studies were conducted some years ago and 65% of the workforce looks at pornography at some time in their lives during work. This distracts them from their everyday work and downgrades the effectiveness of the workforce. The first step by the government should be to stop the uploading of this content and then to make tougher penalties for offenders of the law, this would reduce the amount of content, or it would create a large industry in a small country that can't do anything. For the governments to do anything the community must tell them, this is the only way to get anything done.