Internet helps in development of education and democracy

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Internet - the world largest computer network. And the main goal is to show how Web's freedom will help in development of education and democracy.

Internet appeared in our country just a few years ago but it has become known to many people not only in the capital of Kyrgyzstan but also all over the republic. And the same thing happens in many developing countries - third world countries. After third world countries got access to the Internet they became wide represented on the net. Thy found out a lot of useful information there and gave information about themselves there. But why do people want to be "on the Internet"? As Bruce Sterling famous American Internet critic answers in his article Internet: "One of the mail reasons is simple freedom." Yes people can feel freedom on the Internet. In the countries of the third world like Kyrgyzstan after going the Internet people will find out how to be free and the best example of the freedom nowadays is democracy.

Also people in autocratic countries would like to build democracy instead of their system of government because they would know what does it mean to be free and independent. In other words people who has got into the way of living in the better virtual world will never want to live in bad conditions and they will make their lives better for sure.

But what does this freedom of the Internet includes? Firstly it is equality. It does not matter what your race or age or nationality or wealth is you can post your message to the Internet and you will be heard. You will find a lot of people who will support you and who will not support you. You will find your allies and enemies there. And this is...