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We have all seen the pictures, in our head and on television, of the typical Internet junkie: alone in the dark, he sits glued to the soft glow of the computer screen, hand on the mouse, eyes glaring into the screen. His eyes flutter through the endless web pages and online chats, fingers gliding over the keyboard, seemingly pressing keys at random. There is a soda by his side, and potato chip crumbs strewn about. He occasionally has glasses, sometimes caused by the endless hours spent focusing on the close monitor. A small, glowing reflection shines off each lens, two blocks of light where his eyes should be found. His glare is blank, no emotion, no feeling, just staring into a reality many enjoy, but few enjoy. He is a heavy set person, usually due to the endless hours sitting relaxed, not moving, accumulating bulk over time. People like this are usually in their teens or twenties -­ the age premier of the Internet addiction ? spending their golden years in a trance.

He has withdrawn himself from society, settling into his little world consisting of a computer, modem, and the vast, sprawling network named "the Internet" which is everywhere, but nowhere. The world in which you hear a lot about, but never see. The place which is quickly becoming our world, not just their playground. In some people's opinions, individuals like the one mentioned above are becoming all too common in today's society. Everywhere you turn, someone is selling something new and great about the net. They preach of peace, glee, economic prosperity and over all, wonderfully great times to come, all a result of this "Information Superhighway," not once giving you proof what they are saying is legitimate, not just cyber-babble designed to get you to fork...