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1.IntroductionWe enter the new millennium with the information and communication technology (ICT) fundamentally transforming the way marketing is conducted around the world. The Internet, which is at the center of this transformation, has made it possible to concentrate space, time, and image at a pace unthinkable only a few years ago. Telecommunications networks now link research, manufacturing, marketing, finance, and distribution with voice, data, and video services. Not surprisingly, they form the largest growth sector in terms of marketing and earn somewhere over half of the commerce revenues. The proportion of these firms engaged in marketing that have developed specific strategies for their use of the Internet, cognizant of its potential impact on existing marketing practices, is not known.

Information and communication technology (ICT), particularly the Internet, has been described as an enabler of a new, quasi economically efficient marketplace: one that is only limited by the unpredictability of consumers' behavior.

The new marketplace has been characterized by ''perfect information for all,'' or at least, ''equal access to information about products, prices and distribution''. The ICT has also been predicted to underpin a structural shift in business orientation, towards price convergence, with subsequent realignment of business networks.

2.Advantages of adopting ICT on marketingThe impact of ICT innovation on marketing can be viewed as a succession of stages over the history of ICT. In the initial stages, the technological environment could be described in terms of product technology-the set of ideas embodied in a good or a service-and process technology-the steps involved in producing that good or service. Decisions about the adoption of ICT were, therefore, able to be made in the framework of production theory, in which adoption creates benefits in the form of lower production costs for a given level of output.