Italians: looking at culture, fitness, and health.

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Italy: Culture, Fitness, and Health

The Italians are hard working, caring, and very relaxed people they enjoy their culture and practicing their family traditions. Italy a poplar country for many things, things from religion to sport. I went on my second trip to Italy in six years this summer I stayed for two months there, while staying there I adapted to there cultural life and learnt the important and non-important thing for an Italian. Looking at the cultural map of Italy at the end of this century, most likely looks different then the end of the nineteenth century. The changes have more increased in the areas of communications and the related breakdown of perceived boundaries, both internally within Italy. A major change is the local areas now are more opened up through transport, telephone networks and by mass media. Little towns and local area are not insulated from around the world anymore.

There has been an increase of culture with other nations, an exchange of images, styles, and cultural products, such as books to music to fashion to films, which now is no longer restricted in those little towns as it was in the past. Even the language in Italy has changed there's a decline of the local Italian dialects anymore everyone is now speaking Italian. The role of religion also has declined most people no longer attend church services, "most of them spend more time watching television (on a average nearly twenty hours a week.)."(1997, p.291). The devotion of religion has now become for many Italians a more private manner, less dependent or public ritual.

Italy is spit up in two; theirs the Southern people which is from Rome down then there are the northern people that are from Rome and up. There is a big difference between the...