Its Just To Cold In Canada

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Just up until recently, according to the United Nations, Canada was ranked best country in the world to live. But can somebody please tell me why our most intelligent individuals, who at one point were proud to say they are Canadian, are now so fed up with Canada that they are going south. It's for the same reason that Canada has slipped from number one position down to fourth. The taxes, the low starting wages, and the cold whether are responsible.

This problem has become known as Brain Drain. Every year we loose thousands of our smartest, physicians, and our highly skilled, well trained fellow Canadians. In the last five years we have had more than a quarter of a million Canadians cross the border. But the harder part to believe is that out of all of them that leave, more than half say that they were in the top ten percent of their classes.

Our Brightest and most talented are choosing to case their careers elsewhere and its really going to hurt the economy and the over all appearance of Canada.

What is the government doing about this huge problem? Absolutely nothing. They don't believe we have a problem but who can ignore a seven percent increase in the movement from Canada to the United States in just the last four years. Back in 1997, eleven percent of our graduates left now in this past year that number has grown to 18%, of those 18 percent ninety six of them are in the top of there classes. But worse yet is the thought that even more are thinking about leaving. In this paper I will present the 2 sides of this argument; whether or not this problem exists and what needs to be done to save Canada as a...