Jail Time for the Elderly

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Today in America some type of crime committed by an elderly person seems to be on the news almost daily. In this essay I will discuss some of the aspects of elderly crime.

Many elderly criminals had previous arrests. This is shown in our text when it discussed Wesley "Pop" Honeywood who is currently 94 years-old. He was first arrested as a young man in the military for stealing an airplane. Now that he is 94 years-old, he is facing up to 60 years in prison for being a habitual offender. Many people believe that sentencing a 94-year-old to prison for 60 years would be excessive. After all, his last offence was only the result of the elderly man's love for grapes. If Mr. Honeywood hadn't been on probation for attempted sexual battery, then had not pulled a gun on his neighbor who confronted him about stealing his grapes it would be perfectly acceptable to let the old man go with a slap on the wrist.

However it is my belief that Mr. Honeywood is definitely a danger to society. He has shown so much irrational behavior in the past that it is very likely that he will commit more crimes in the Future. Even though a one year prison sentence could equal a life sentence for this individual he should be put away to protect the members of his community and to send a message that no matter what you age if you are going to commit the crime you will have to do the time.

In today's justice system it is hard to think that age would play a role in the length of prison sentences for convicted criminals. However, in a study conducted by Penn State University they found just that. (Http: //www.psu.edu/ur/2000/!SV-oldercriminals.html) The study found...