Japan Refugees Speech

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Council: The Human Rights Council

Topic: Combatting human trafficking

The ongoing, recurring, problem of human trafficking is not only an atrocity, but also often, an unreported atrocity. The representative of Japan feels it is the duty of the human rights committee, and within it, each independent country, to overcome this obstacle, to attempt to end all forms of such, to seek to spread the awareness of this inhumanity, to tackle the introduction of firmer laws prosecuting this illegal action, and to undertake the responsibility of aiding those subjected to such.

Japan has been classified as a Tier two country, having human trafficking coming to, from, and within Japan. Child pornography is a pressing issue, and with it, human trafficking. Along with this comes the infamy of such horror being tolerated within Japan, inducing it to be a transit country for the unwarranted travels from East Asia to North America.

Unfortunately, the dilemma does not end here, as it is considered a destination for women from all of Asia, as well as parts of Europe and America, in an attempt to evade sexual labor and exploitation within their own countries. Another pressing obstacle Japan has yet to resolve is the vanquishing of the Japanese organized foreign-based network, Yakuza. It not only consists of Korean and Columbian crime networks for the smuggling illegal substances and such, it is also one of the main human trafficking organizations within Japan, being partially in control if the massive sex industry and controlling, or taxing, most of the various commercial sex operation models.

Although Japan's constitution and laws do not have a law specifically regarding the illegality of human trafficking in itself, the government is making steps towards altering that and introducing a more strict and specific law so as to prevent further possibilities of...