"Jerry Maguire": Ineffective Listening Styles

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In the movie "Jerry Maguire", several types of ineffective listening styles can be observed. This paper will discuss only three. It will define and give examples of stage-hogging, pseudolistening, and defensive listening.

The first ineffective listening style is stage hogging. Stage-hogging is a listening style in which the receiver is more concerned with making his or her own point than in understanding the speaker. Stage-hogging was portrayed in the telephone scene with Jerry and Rod. Jerry said, "Hey Rod, How are you doing?" Rod replied agitated, "How am I doing? I'll tell you how I'm doing. I'm sweating dude! I'm sweating my contract! I'm sweating Bob Sugar calling me and telling me that I'm missing the big endorsements by being with you! That's how I'm doing! Are you listening to me?" Jerry replied, "No, I'm listening to you." Jerry wasn't done talking before Rod interrupted him. Rod said, "No No No! You here what I'm saying, but do you truly hear what I'm saying?" Jerry went on to ask Rod to hold on for a second but Rod cut him off again.

Rod said, "Did you not tell my wife more personal attention?" Rod continued to interrupt Jerry and wouldn't let him get a word in edge wise. Rod was more concerned in trying to get his point across than listening to what Jerry had to say.

The second ineffective listening style is defensive listening. Defensive listening is a response style in which the receiver perceives a speaker's comments as an attack. This was portrayed in the scene in Laurel and Dorothy's kitchen. Dorothy turned quickly with the beers in her hands.

She collided into Laurel and the food Laurel was carrying. Dorothy deftly caught the food in her t-shirt, and dumped it back onto the plate.