The Job of a Vetenarian

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Reflection The job of a vetenarian can be very stressful especially when it comes down to having to humanely euthanize animals, and having to deal with the owners. Can be a very stressful, then there's when u have to perform very precise life threaten surgery or any surgery is a very stressful. And then the owners can be unmanageable at times to with there animals because most of them have had there pets for years. Then there's the constant problem of knowing what to deal with next how to deal with it. But there's always the rewarding factor of saving an animals life and helping the animals to survive, and the reward of birthing puppies, kittens all baby animals there are a lot of rewards to the job also. The job of a vet. Is as stressful as a doctor and they make amazing money. The vet is someone who is all for animals and who can handle the stress.

Today there are 28 schools of veterinarian medicine in the United States today with 2,100 students graduating a year; about 78% of these graduates are woman. You need to attend about 4 year minimum of collage that you can find at almost any universities in the United States. A lot of Maine students that want private schools there a small rural collage in Maine Hudson. A small rural collage in Maine in Bangor where there aren't that many students and it s more student related.

If you are the person that likes to help people out, but you still like animals and want to become a veterinarian, maybe you should look in to becoming a Veterinarian tech. There the behind the scenes people sometimes but a lot of the time there right there either assisting wit a surgery or doing a surgery or doing a check up or anything else that they are qualified for you still half to go to school about the same amount as at veterinarian but the job is much more less stressful.