Joel Who?

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Joel Who?

He likes to put others before himself and enjoys knowing he is courteous, but people who don't know him think he's dark and mysterious. He's quiet and keeps to himself, yet is charismatic in the way he stands, as if he wants everyone to know he's there. His name is Joel, and I've known him for seven years. My close friend Joel thinks deeply, and though he works hard to please the people in his life by being generous, often he wants to rebel against his demanding mother, but never does.

Quite often Joel can be seen sitting quietly, thinking. He seems to be consciously looking for answers to questions that cannot possibly be answered. Sometimes he thinks about the existence of God, sometimes he thinks about death and what lay beyond this life. His mind is constantly working to try and find some problem that needs solving.

The duration which he thinks is, on average, hours at a time. One of Joel's favorite shows on television is "Unsolved Mysteries" because it allows him to try and solve puzzles that have stumped others. One example of Joel's deep thinking is his ability to come up with riddles such as "It's all Jack. What is Jack?" The answer he came up with was "Matter," which makes sense because everything has matter of some sort. Often when Joel thinks deeply he eventually comes to a point when all he thinks about is other people.

Throughout his life, Joel has tried to make the people he cares about happy. Generally this means he puts others before himself, and gives in to the wishes of others who sometimes end up taking advantage of Joel's generosity. Each day in high school Joel would drive at least three people home, and...