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Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray... - We didn't start the fire, but somehow the lyrics ignited me to thump my feet on the parquet floor relentlessly, following its rhythm. Nevertheless, Joel's beat didn't tag along my pace any longer as soon as I advanced upon the threshold into the Grande Galerie of Musée du Louvre. I decelerated to marvel at the exquisite design of the corridor that lay before me, in which, on either side of the walls, there arrayed some of the most remarkable works of the preceding generations. The walls, floor, and ceiling were constructed with flawless precision. All these can only be done through excellent artistry and craftsmenship, I thought. Maybe this field trip isn't that bad at all, as suggested by the Art Department. I was quickly aroused by the idea, and so I stepped forth, ready to browse the art galore while still humming Joel's catchy tune in gay...

South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio!

In the midst of all adornments, there was one painting that grabbed my attention. It's the most famous painting in history and was done by the most renowned artist of all times - It's the Mona Lisa. I studied her with composure, calmed just by noticing her enigmatic smile. It wasn't the most mystifying feature though. Wondering what could make her so intricate, I tried to be experimental - I moved to the left, and then shifted to the right while gazing at her face; I squatted down, and then rose up, still gazing at her face. Then it hit me: It's her eyes! They darted from one corner to the other, following each of my directions. Learning this wasn't enough for me. I placed my palm on the protective glass to conceal her right eye, assuming...