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Well known wrestler John Cena took part in a no disqualification match last night at "Taboo Tuesday", He won the match against "Batista" and the ECW World Champion "The Big Show". He used his signature weapons such as, a steel chain and brass knuckles, he also used his two most famous moves the "FU" and the "STFU".

The media sais that this match will help the sales of his album "You cant see me", when he wins matches it increases his popularity so more kids want his CD and merchandise.

John Cena is currently the World Wrestling Entertainment Champion, he has to defend his title this Sunday at "cyber Sunday". This is the fourth time John Cena has been the World Wrestling Entertainment champion, he has also won the united states championship three times.

John Cena is the most popular wrestler in the World Wrestling Entertainment industry. He is also the only wrestler to use his own song as his entry theme music.

This song is called "you cant see me", it is a very catchy song, it is a rap/ hip-hop style song. He has sold many of these albums.

Before John Cena joined the WWE, he became a wrestler at the California based Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) where he was known as "The Prototype". After UPW he was signed to a WWE development contract, he then joined Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He then joined the WWE as a professional wrestler.

John Cena has an old school hip-hop look and personality in wrestling and out of wrestling. He also has an army/marine look to him, this relates to his movie "the marine". John Cena also wears such items as "chain gang" T-shirts and necklace spinners.