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At age six I remember leaving house without supervision to walk down the street to my father's dry cleaning business. I had recently received a volleyball game from my parents. It had amazing graphics and sounds. I enjoyed playing the game everyday after school. About 5 P.M. I tried to turn on the Nintendo to play the volleyball game. The Nintendo was not turning on. I asked mother if she would fix it. She was not good with electrical devices. I could not believe I had asked her to fix the Nintendo. I knew she would not be capable of fixing it. She slightly glanced at it and said she could not determine what the malfunction was. She simply told me to wait until father came home and he would fix it.

I started wondering when he would come home. I could not bear the pain I was receiving from not being able to play Nintendo. All I could think about was getting to father and telling him to fix my Nintendo. If I called him at work my mother would be upset, because I could not wait a few hours to play the game. As minutes slowly dragged, I knew I had to figure out a way to talk to father.

I was almost to the top of the hill. A car was coming slowly down the hill. It was a police car. I was on the sidewalk walking a steady pace. The officer stopped and got out of his car. He walked toward me slowly. "Where is your parents son?" he asked. I didn't say anything. He looked around for my parents. There was no one in sight. I was extremely scared by now. My father had always said that if I was not good...