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Essay by creditz89 August 2005

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Dear Journal,

Hey, it's me again. Just as I have gotten settled to this town, I've just found out that we have to move again. I knew this would happen, we'd never stay in a town for more then a week or so. This is our fourth time moving, and it is getting quite annoying. Why do we always have to move? Why cant we just stay in a city for more then a week?. Mom says we are moving to a peaceful city in Idaho named Donner. She promises that it will be better than any place we have ever lived. I am kind of happy leaving L.A, seeing as I wont have to put up with that bully Phantom at school, and also the annoying teachers!

I think that mom is hiding something from me. I feel that she is working for someone. If so, who? I don't understand why she has all these different ID cards and birth certificate.

It is weird that she always has to use a different name and have a different past whenever we move. I have always been used the fact that I've never had a phone in my home or that mom seemed to change her hair colour every time we moved. She has to lie about everything. I am getting sick of all this moving and accepter mom's bizarre lifestyle, I don't think I can put up with it any longer. I want to ask her why we keep on moving, and why she has to change her name every time we move. I cant though, that's the rules that mum set up; Her number one rule is to not ask any questions, or any questions about herself. If I asked her a question, she would ignore it and I...