"Journey of Vengeance." - imaginative science-fiction short story.

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It was in the summer and the temperature was very high for a living creature to go out of its "Burrow" since the ozone layer had been destroyed a long time ago in the World War Six. Very soon after the First Interplanetary War between Mars and Earth ended a girl was born on Mars. She was called Mary Jane but she had never seen her father because he was killed by Mr. Death in the War. This is the reason why she hated the Earth people. Mr. Death was essential for the victory of the Earth people against the Martians. He was a magician and he could be killed only with silver bullets. Mary Jane was the leader of the gang in her neighborhood. Her gang was the strongest in New Valley and Mary was very brutal. These are the reasons why she was called Saint Anger. After time she began going to the city junkyard where she collected parts and created different weapons.

She created the M-294 rifle. It had an ion thruster which made the ion particles, serving as ammunition go through the space with speed of light. Saint Anger used this weapon very often because during the First Interplanetary War the city called Valley was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. New Valley was built on the infected grounds because nobody knew about the bomb (the cities and towns other than Valley were very primitive). The radiation often turned somebody to a "Gnashhrakkh" (called this way because of the sound that they make) and the "Gnashhrakkh" were dangerous so most people were horrified. Luckily there were people like Saint Anger that were able to kill these creatures and she had often shot these creatures so she became excellent shooter.

Everything started on Day 274, 2586 (October 1,