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It was any normal day. I heard the letters falling in at the usual 10'O clock. I glanced at them all until a brown and tattered envelop caught my sight. The stamp had faded away. I tore it open and found a letter addressed to me saying:

Dear George:

There has been something that I've been hiding from you for many years. A family secret that would change your and your children's lives forever. I believe it is the appropriate time for you to know this, as I don't know how many more days I might live. Come seek me, I will be waiting for your arrival at the Pacific Island of Va ...

(The rest of the letter was blurry and unreadable)

I thought for a moment that it was definitely my father who sent the letter, as I recalled my father was taken away by the police for saying that he is the righteous king of England.

For saying that he was dumped on an island for life for the sin he committed. But then again I though why would he keep a secret from me all these years, it must be big.

I went back to the letter again and read "I don't know how many more days I might live" and I panicked for a moment, I knew that I my father might be in trouble. I grabbed my overcoat and the letter with the envelop and rush to the general post office. When I got there I asked the mail man if he knew the origin of the letter, he asked around and came back to me with Va might be the pacific island of Vanuatu. I payed the mail man for this information and I headed straight for the travel agency.

There were...