Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park was written by Michael Critchton. The story takes place on the Isla Nublar, it was a tropical island off the coast of Costa Rica, in the present. Throughout the whole book there is a struggle between man, nature, and science/technology. The author was trying to say that man should not try to change the natural world.

There were a lot of important characters in this book. The owner of the island is John Hammond he is a man in his late sixties. Dr. Allan Grant and Ellie Sattler are both paleontologists, Ellie is Grant's student. Dr. Henry Wu, John Arnold, and Ed Regis all worked on the island. The one who was in charge of all the genetics work was Dr. Wu.

John Arnold was the one who was in charge of the control room. Ed Regis was the one who went on the trip with the visitors.

Donald Gennarro was the lawyer who got the funding for John Hammond's project. John Hammond also invited his grandchildren: Tim, who was 11 years old, was very interested in dinosaurs and computers, his sister, Lex, who was a few years younger than Tim and liked baseball. Jurassic Park was run by three big computers that were programmed by Dennis Nedry. The last person that was invited was Dr. Malcolm, a mathematician who had a theory for everything from nature, to the clothes he owned.

John Hammond invited a bunch of experts to come for a preview and a tour of the park. While on the tour of the park the power goes out and they are trapped in the special made jeeps. From there on the park is nothing but a big disaster, there is a new problem, a new discovery, and a new adventure around every corner. What will...