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We received four inches of wet snow yesterday morning. We were suppose to get another 4 inches this morning, but only received a light dusting. But this is April and by the middle of next week the temperature is suppose to be up to plus seven degrees Celsius or 45 degrees Fahrenheit for three days. So, the snow should melt. I realize that I said that in February and we had a cold spell for five weeks with the snow never melting. But this is April! And there is bound to be one or two more snow falls before May 19th, the long weekend of Victoria Day when farmers say it's finally safe to plant. finished her clinical rotation in nursing on Thursday morning. She still has one or two papers to get in by April 19th, but for all practical purposes she is finished with her nursing degree! I took her to the airport on Friday morning at 6 am.

She has flown to Vancouver, BC and then drove to Western Washington to spend a week with her parents and my mom. She will fly back next Thursday evening. As I was driving back from the airport, called me to report that she was sick and couldn't drive home from her job at the hospital. She works from 11 pm to 7 am. She had been assigned the operating room and with the heat and standing for an extended time, she was sick and tiredWednesday I had my annual physical. I still go back to the clinic I was a family resident at for two years and it is fun to see the changes and to chat with those on staff who are still there. My office lease comes up for renewal this June so I started and finished negotiations for a new 5 year lease. I was praying about whether to sign a shorter lease and go overseas, but God was saying to me to sign the five year lease. So, I'll do short term overseas work for now and await His timing for longer service. I have started the Thursday afternoon Park. I see four to six athletes of all ages and I enjoy that. That clinic will grow in time and I'll probably end up seeing 20 patients on Thursday afternoons. The area high school sports have been canceled indefinitely as the teachers refuse to do any volunteer activities as a part of their dispute in negotiations with the government. The club sports are still on and that will keep me busy. We now have 100 men signed up for the Nicaragua trip in July. The four other guys that make up the leadership team meet once a week now and its good to hear how God is supplying and providing for the men. We have 14 weeks until we leave.