Juveniles and Organizational Leadership

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Juveniles and Organizational Leadership

Juveniles and Organizational Leadership

Sarah Hendrix

Columbia Southern University

Dr. Miller: OR 5000


My purpose for writing about juveniles was to show the knowledge that has been gained from years of experience dealing with juveniles. Everyday life has small things that influence juveniles to choose the wrong paths to take in life. There are every day surroundings that cause children to act out. The three main points that will cover some of my experiences as a juvenile conference committee director are the influences of juveniles, juvenile delinquents, and being an organized leader. This research paper will point out a few of many points that are blamed for a juvenile's decision in life and how obtaining an organizational leadership degree will help any individual to become a much more powerful leader.

Juveniles and Organizational Leadership

In today's society, "juveniles are becoming even more delinquent at younger ages than past decades" (Butts & Snyder).

Juveniles are usually exposed to numerous violent and drug related crimes that may influence them to do wrong. Juveniles seem to search for that adrenaline rush that an unnecessary friend may tell them about, and cause them to become a juvenile delinquent. There are many ways to control juveniles before they become delinquents. Parents and the community as a whole should watch what they say or how they act around children. Juveniles learn negative and positive roles from their surroundings, which is why it is important for parents and a community as a whole to influence their children in the correct manner. Juveniles and organizational leadership can be a powerful combination once one understands the influences of juveniles, juvenile delinquents, and being an organized leader.

The influences of juveniles can be lessened by more positive parent environment. Parents teach by example,