Key Concepts of Creativity and Innovation Worksheet

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University of PhoenixEmployment Conflict Management Concepts WorksheetConceptApplication of Concept in ScenarioCitation of Concept in ReadingPersonal Experience in your OrganizationThree types of innovation: Incremental, Semi-Radical, And Radical.

"Incremental innovation leads to small improvements to existing products and business processes… Radical innovation results in new products or services delivered in entirely new ways."In the past five years, Best Snacks has instituted incremental innovations that have simply built on previously successful marketing methods such as new packaging sizes. Elizabeth Fairchild is convinced that in order to continue to succeed, more innovative products need to be developed. These new products could fall under semi-radical or radical innovations. Davila, Epstein, and Shelton, 2006, p. 38-39While managing I have not had the option of introducing radical changes. So in order to improve business I introduced incremental innovations. I improved inventory procedures, created a new spreadsheet that streamlined the scheduling and budget process, improved the training program, and introduced improved incentive programs.

A lot of these changes were presented to other plants in our company and most were implemented at those plants.

Organizational Decision Making:"Organizational Decision Making is the process of responding to a problem by searching for and selecting a solution or course of action that will create value for organizational stakeholders… All organizations have to develop the capacity to make both programmed and nonprogrammed decisions. Programmed decision making allows an organization to increase its efficiency and reduce the costs of making goods and services. Nonprogrammed decision making allows the organization to change and adapt to its environment and to generate new ways of behaving so that it can effectively take advantage of its environment."The organizational decision making Best Snacks needs to make is to search for and select a solution to their reduced numbers. A new solution will help to create value for all stakeholders...