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Robert Louis Stevenson called the name of the historical fiction book that I read "Kidnapped". The characters in the book that I read were: "¢ David Balfour-the events in this book all surrounded this lad of seventeen "¢ Mr. Campbell-the minister in Essendean "¢ Ebenezer Balfour-David's wicked uncle "¢ Ransome-the cabin boy "¢ Hoseason-the captain of the Covenant "¢ Mr.Riach-mate on the Covenant "¢ Mr. Shuan-mate on the Covenant "¢ Alan Breck Stewart-the man with the belt of gold "¢ Neil Ray Macrob-the ferryman "¢ Mr. Henderland-a clergyman "¢ Colin Roy Campbell-The Red Fox "¢ James Stewart-a member of Alan's clan "¢ John Breck Maccoll-Alan's friend "¢ Cluny Macpherson-chief of the Macpherson clan "¢ Robin Oig Campbell-another fugitive "¢ Lass from Stirling-a helpful waitress "¢ Mr. Rankeillor-the lawyer in Edinburgh 1. Summary: This book was about young David Balfour who, after both his parents die, goes to live with his wicked uncle Ebenezer Balfour.

Secretly David's uncle has made a deal with the captain of a ship called the Covenant, to trick young David out of an inheritance that is rightfully his, unknown to him. The captain of the ship, Hoseason takes David out on the ocean. But when the cabin boy, Ransome is accidentally killed by one of the mates on the ship, David takes his place. Soon after a man named Alan Breck is taken aboard the ship Alan is an outlaw, running away from the redcoats. After David saves Alan's life the two set off on an amazing journey. Soon David gets himself into trouble, he is accused of murder, and he, too becomes an outlaw, alongside of Alan. The pair is always on the run trying to keep one step ahead of the redcoats, who are close at their heels. David encounters treacherous...