Social Protest in Mexico

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Unit 3 Unit 3 Individual Project 3

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Social Protest in Mexico

John F Shalkowski American Intercontinental

University Online November 28, 2008

HUM215-0805A-02 : Topics in Cultural Studies

Britta Watters

Social Protest in Mexico

In Mexico City there are anywhere from six to eight protests a day. These protest cause mayhem on the roads in Mexico City. Oftentimes, the roads can be blocked for half a day. One man from the city's legislative assembly said that he did not think there was another city like this in the world. Last year alone there were 2,000 protests that drew more than 9 Million people. Some examples are: "Teachers who want more money. State-employed oil workers who want to stop privatization. Campesinos who say the government stole their land" (washingtonpost, 2008). The word campesino in the dictionary means a farmer or farm worker in a Latin-American country.

The calculation for all the protesting in Mexico City costs 1,056 man-hours that is equivalent to 18 million a day.

One protest that I found and is dated September 2, 2008 is Tens of thousands protesting drug violence. The main reason for this protest is that the Mexicans are getting fed up with the escalating violence! "More people have been killed in the eight months of this year than in the whole of last year and rights groups have reported 400 kidnappings, compared to 438 in 2007" (, 2008). They are saying that for every one kidnapping reported two or three more take place. In August a Mexicans son was found in the trunk of a car. This happened after he was kidnapped at a fake police check point. There have also been dozens of bodies found in the southern state of Yucatan and they have also been found in...