The Killer Angels letter from Longstreet to his wife.

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Dear Louise,

Things have changed a lot in a short period of time. One of our generals was preparing his army for a battle, when they made a surprise attack. It was devastating. General Lee is very stubborn, he listens to none of my ideas. I feel we will lose this war. Lee is making plans that are sure not to work. It may even be partly my fault because I can't focus on battle. I can only think about our three children, whom I long for every breath I take.

The battle of yesterday really cleaned us out. We barely have any artillery left or even an army. I think we have just enough to get us through one huge attack, and if that doesn't work, nothing will. I have a really good plan, fight between the Union and Washington, but Lee won't let me do that. He is going to send someone else instead.

The failure of victory in this war will be Lee's fault.

I was previously telling you about the attack on Ewell's army. They were attacked sneakily and suffered greatly from it. Ewell didn't get a chance to contact any of us. I later attempted to convince General Lee once again, but it didn't work. I respect him a lot, therefore, I don't disobey his commands. I then told the artillery commander to fire at the hill. The crossfire started the day's battle.

The battle of Getteysberg was unsuccessful. We tried to use what was left of out artillery, but our aim was off. This had no affect on them. Lee assigned me to attack at the center of the line. That is what I did, and I set Pickett in charge of the assault. At the time of the attack, they shot cannons at...