Kindness and Initiative.

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When I thought of kindness and initiative I immediately thought of the Good Samaritan. A man is robbed and beat up and then left at the side of the street to die. A priest came by but didn't even help him. Then a Levite came by and didn't even give him the time of day. Finally a Samaritan came by. Nobody liked them. But this man took the initiative to help the man and bandaged him up and sent him to a hotel. That is true kindness, to help somebody even if they are your supposed enemy. But what if the person you are helping hurts you?

What if the man was pretending to be robbed and beat up? Then the Good Samaritan would have gotten hurt. How far should you take kindness? In today's world is it safe to help a man on the side of the road? Or should you just drive on by?

Sam and Cayla were walking home from school when they saw a man lying on the street.

Everybody else walked on by ignoring him. The man groaned. "Shouldn't we help him?" asked Cayla. Sam and Cayla helped the man up and took him to Cayla's house. But they had to leave to go grocery shopping. They left the man in the house. When they got back the man was gone and so was all the expensive jewelry in the house. Sam and Cayla were devastated and decided they weren't going to help anybody in the future. But what I really want to know is what would you do?