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BLackouts and Air Raids During WW2

t that light out!!" If you got too many warnings this could lead to a heavy fine.Normal things like walking home from school became very difficult during the winter when it got darker earlier, as stre ... had to be dimmed and we could hardly see where we were going. We also used to get into trouble for walking out in front of cars because they had to dim their lights. Women and children would report t ...

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Kindness and Initiative.

is it safe to help a man on the side of the road? Or should you just drive on by?Sam and Cayla were walking home from school when they saw a man lying on the street. Everybody else walked on by ignori ...

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Greed is Poison

This girl who's name was Keesha was walking down the street when she saw her boyfriend talking with another girl. Well, Keesha approache ... irlfriend, not her." But Keesha didn't let him say anymore because she walked away. As, Jessica was walking home from school the next morning She got killed some how but nobody knows how. But, the kil ... ad killed the other girlfriends. But that night something very unexpecting happened as, Bradley was walking to his house he saw Talia walking with a knife in her hand but she didn't see Bradley, she w ...

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"Holes" by Louis Sachar

lieves that the Yelnats family is under a curse. They always have bad luck.One day after Stanley is walking home from school, a pair of shoes fell from an overpassand hit him on the head. They were th ...

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Guns In School

n; that a real gun will harm another, and a cap gun is just "pretend" "“ or is it? I was walking home from school a few weeks ago when a car behind me started to speed up. A fellow student ...

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The Wierdo

s has scars from the burns, and he walks limp on one of his legs. I'll start the story when Sam was walking home from school one day and she came across a body, she was only a little girl and did'nt k ... d anything to do with what she just saw. After about a half an hour after she saw this, she started walking toward the Spillway house, where the Clewts lived. She was going to walk over there to use t ...

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Sally From The House On Mango Street

know that he only does it because he doesn't want me to disgrace our family"¦"¦ I was walking home from school when it happened. Peter came running around the corner like usual, not cari ... tion for Peter that I could not resist. I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek."Thank you for walking me home." I left him there shocked while I walked up into my house to find my dad had ...

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JAMIEL'S LAW a Simple Case study

a 17 year old boy who was shot and killed by suspected gang members on March 2 of this year. He was walking home from school when two gang members pulled up in a car and asked him, "Where are you from ...

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