Greed is Poison

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This girl who's name was Keesha was walking down the street when she saw her boyfriend talking with another girl. Well, Keesha approached and asked, "Who is that Bradley?" "This is Jessica, you know the girl I told you about, she's my girlfriend, remember?" "No, I don't remember but I thought I was your girlfriend, not her." But Keesha didn't let him say anymore because she walked away. As, Jessica was walking home from school the next morning She got killed some how but nobody knows how. But, the killer left the body on Bradley's doorstep and wrote a note on the body saying "You haven't seen the last of me."

The next morning Keesha walks by Bradley again but little did she know there was another girl with him. "Who is this." She asked Bradley. "This is Alison, remember I told you about her." " Oh, So this is her."

"Not to be mean Bradley but she is ugly." But right when she said this Keesha left. That night Bradley called Keesha and was really angry he said that somone keeps killing his girlfriends. "What happened." Asked Keesha. "I'll tell you what happened."He said with rage in his voice. "Alison got hit by a car, and whoever did it left her on my doorstep with a note attached to her that said I'll be back." "Wow I' m really sorry said Keesha but he had already hung up the phone.

The next day she walked past Bradley again with yet another girl. "Who is this she asked Bradley." "This is Zoe I also told you about her." "Yes, I remember." And then she left. The next morning on the news said that a girl named Zoe got shot in the head the night before. And she...