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Description:This paper is about Elvis Aaron Presley. It includes his childhood of poverty. It also includes his twin brother, his drunken father, his depressed mother, his controverial middle name, his success in life (awards), and charities he donated to. It includes his manager, wife, and daughter. It is basically a complete biography.

"He was like a nova, a star so bright that it burns out quickly- but not before lighting up everything around it." (Greenwood and Tracy 310). Elvis Presley died at a young age, but not before he was successful in what he worked for in life. All his life, he worked to be accepted. Elvis became known for what he was good at. Elvis Presley struggled through hardships of being a shy boy of poverty and being turned away by many people to be deservingly called "The King of Rock 'N' Roll".

When it was a cold and windy winter day, Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935.

Jessie Garon Presley, Elvis's identical twin was born just minutes after Elvis. After the shock of Jessie being stillborn, Gladys tried to work through her pain by giving all the love she had to Elvis. She was devastated by Jessie's death. She handled her pain by having only herself, Elvis, and Vernon come to the funeral where they buried him at an unmarked gravesite because they could not afford a headstone. Gladys always was talking about him and how she wished he were around still. Elvis would always say that he wished Jessie were there because of his mother's obsession with her deceased son. Elvis never let it bother him because he knew that his mother loved him just as much. He knew that her giving up things to give him what he needed meant something more to...