This essay descibes the amazing life of Satchmo, Louis Armstrong, the famous jazz musician. Satchmo, as the king of jazz, profoundly plays a major influence on jazz music.

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Many historians agree, when it comes to the greatest and most influential musicians in the 20th century, one musician seems to glorify over the others. Not Elvis, John Coltraine, or even Michael Jackson. Yet, Louis Armstrong who blasted the music of swing and jazz into the music world. His charismatic personality and natural talents as a musician helped Louis Armstrong become an extraordinary gift to the American culture of the twentieth century. Louis Armstrong, the king of jazz, lived an extravagant life in which he contributed and influenced jazz greatly.

Early Life Legend has it that Louis was born on July 4, 1900, however there is no such evidence to prove this. Many believe he was born a year or two before, yet no matter his circumstances were dreadful. New Orleans, a remarkable city that became the birthplace of Louis and jazz. Louis grew up with out his father Willie Armstrong, who abandoned Louis' mother Mayann Armstrong immediately after Louis was born.

His father contributed nothing to the family's welfare, and left them to struggle on their own. His mother had a few choices for a job. Whether she worked as a breadwinner, a maid, or even a prostitute, Louis and his family remained in the state of poverty. As well as living in poor conditions, Louis and many blacks at that time faced racism. The town he lived in, known as Storyville, was divided into two segregated sections. White Storyville, where luxurious restaurants and casinos were situated, and Black Storyville, that "had prostitutes, but they lured customers into 'cribs,' cement barracks situated on unpaved streets alongside ramshackle bars and dance halls." (Tanenhaus 23) Louis and many other African Americans were limited to inferior jobs, schools, and neighborhoods, where many acts of violent racism occurred daily. Louis...