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MEMORANDUM DATE: To: FROM: Assistant Team leader SUBJECT: Progress Report on the actual proposal for Baby Panthers Daycare PURPOSE This is a proposal for a Baby Panthers Daycare Center to be built inside FIU North Campus to help students that juggle parenting and studying. The goal is providing a safe place for parents to leave their children as well as encouraging parents to continue and finish their studies.

SUMMARY Parents that study at FIU finding that studying and parenting is extremly difficult to do at the same time and have no choice but to neglect their studies to raise their children. We propose Baby Panthers Daycare be built on campus to help and support parents that wish to get a degree. Together Mildred Kinciad and I are putting together the actual proposal.

INTRODUCTION Here at FIU North Campus there are 7,736 actively attending students. Of these students, 5,667 are between the ages of 18 to 30.

From these 5,667 students almost 76% have children ranging from 0 to 8 years of age, (demographics from the FIU Institutional Research). We propose a daycare center be built on campus, to provide a safe place for these parents to leave their children allowing parents to continue with their studies and graduate.

In order to achieve my part of the group project I must do the following: ·Task 1: Find demographics of FIU North Campus and find out how great the demand for a daycare center is.

·Task 2: Research and gather all the state of Florida licensing standards in opening and running a daycare center.

·Task 3: Analyze task 2 information and separate the data that would pertain to Baby Panthers. Outline my proposal ·Task 4: Complete final draft of proposed program.

Tasks 1and 2 are complete. Task 3 is currently being worked on,