Kyocera and the Japanese Markets

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1.What factors have helped Kyocera succeed in serving organizational markets?

Kyocera is a hard working company that is willing to go beyond others to prove their quality of their product. Kyocera's capabilities to make the products faster and ship them out just as fast, as well as selling them cheaper than other companies, that is the reason why they are number one in this field. The other fact is that the manager would stay late to make sure everything was running smoothly and correctly. To show his employees that he does care about their job, and the products they produce.

2.How is Kyocera different from the typical Japanese company?

Kyocera is willing to hire people from Technical schools rather than those from colleges that are more books related than hands on. Kyocera understands the feeling it is for a graduate of a technical school given a chance to work for a top company such as Kyocera. Inamori sees the expansion of his company in employee growth as not a problem but as a spiritual happening, knowing that more people meant more production time and more products made.

3.How important is Inamori's spiritual drive to Kyocera's success?

Inamori's spiritual drive is the key point to Kyocera's success, without his dreams and spiritual beliefs this company would not be where they are today. By Inamori taking time out of his life he was able to make sure everything was running smoothly and that his company was producing top of the line products along with the reassurance of the product arriving to it's location safely and undamaged.

4.What will happen to the company's culture now that Inamori has retired?

I would hope that even though that Inamori retired that the person who succeeded the...