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Santana 1

Nathalie Santana

Prof. Kruh

ENC1101 8:25

November 6, 2014

Lady Like

I was five when my Mom decided private school suited me best. I was a lady, she told me while she tightened the new bow in my hair, and so I was not to engage in food fights at lunchtime. I was not to use that kind of language to an adult because it was not lady like. You could say I was a troublesome little girl in my early years. I loved to defy the undereducated public school teachers. Eventually, I acclaimed my own time out chair that I would visit at least three times a week. When my Mom yanked me out of the public school system, I didn't object because I didn't know any better.

Gulliver Academy still stands to be one of the most prestigious private schools in Miami-Dade. The Kindergarten through 8th grade is divided into one campus, while the high school resides in another campus on Miller Drive.

The K-8 building stands on a street in Coral Gables, with it's freshly painted walls and elegantly long palm trees. The classes were relatively small. When I joined Gulliver, I started in first grade, with only 14 kids in my class. I was unknowingly taught how to be polite and respect adults, all the while learning my 1,2,3's and A,B,C's.

I entered sixth grade with only a few new faces, the same rich, stuck up kids showed up in all my classes. There was Gigi, the crybaby, who whined for everything. There was Brandon whose both parents died a few weeks into the second year of middle school. To this day, I still don't know how he afforded to stay at Gulliver. There was Adri, the Drama Queen, who turned out to...