Lake Tahoe, CA....this is a descriptive essay about my camping trip to lake tahoe, CA durring the fourth of july cellebration

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Lake Tahoe, California

The day begins bright and early. The sounds of the birds chirping, mixing with the warm glow of the sun shining through my tent, act as my alarm clock for the day. As I exit the tent, I inhale a deep breath of the crisp mountain air. It feels cool and fresh in my lungs. The campground is packed full of random campers from all across California and Nevada. This is defiantly the busiest time of the year for Lake Tahoe Valley Camping Resort. Being so close to the big blue lake, there is no way I am going to miss the most incredible display of fire works in all of California.

Lake Tahoe Valley Camping Resort is located a few blocks down the street of South Shore Lake Tahoe. When you enter through the resorts gateway, one feels as if he is visiting a small, remote town.

In the main entrance is the office where every car must be cleared before going through to ensure the safety of the campers. Once cleared, you enter into the heart of the resort. Here is a development of small buildings which provide essential accommodations to the resort guests. The mail building is a small store with a gas station. Without having to leave the premises of the resort, one can purchase almost anything they need such as: toothbrushes, band aids, refreshments, food, candy, fishing equipment, cigarettes, beer, knives, and souvenirs. Next door to the store is the arcade. Here is where I spend most of my time. The arcade is made up of two pool tables, and about twenty different arcade games. Some are outdated but others were fairly new. Outside of the arcade is a giant ice machine which makes and bags ice for a small fee.