Las Vegas

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"The flight to Las Vegas was very picturesque, and the view of the Grand Canyon was unbelievable, " I said to Michelle, as we got off the jet and walked into the terminal. "Man this is a beautiful airport! Look Michelle, they even have slot machines at the airport!"

"I know," she laughed. "I heard they have them in the washrooms as well."

The airport was an amazing place. The skylights and glass windows made the airport bright and spacious. There was a great view of the Las Vegas strip, and it was everything I could imagine. The tropical vegetation growing inside the airport made us feel like we were in the Bahamas. When we walked through the terminal, we saw numerous Sony Jumbo Tron monitors advertising live shows like Siegfried and Roy, Circus Soleil, and Lord of the Dance. "Hey look Michelle, to get to the baggage terminal we have to take a shuttle," I said.

"Yah, this is neat," she said, "This place is like cotton candy for the eyes!"

"Yah," I said, as the shuttle train approached. The doors opened, and the people hurried to get on board, before the doors closed. The shuttle was packed, so we had to hold onto the overhead handrail. "Hey Michelle, hold onto my arm so you won't fall," I said, "Hey, look at the strip from here. Isn't it beautiful?"

"Yes," she said, as we rocked back and forth from the shuttle ride.

The shuttle arrived at the baggage terminal, and we got off. All I could see was slot machines, and all I heard was the sound they make. Some people had a card inserted into the slot machine, and attached to the card was a coiled string that went around the person's neck. I said to...